Car Insurance

Car Insurance

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The Federal Government of Nigeria requires that motorists carry minimum levels of auto insurance coverage (or the equivalent in financial responsibility waivers) in order to ensure that its drivers can cover the cost of damages to people or property in the event of an automobile accident.

We have compiled all the car insurance requirements on a state-by-state basis so you can see at a glance what the minimum coverage is―and what other regulations you may need to comply with in your home state. This information can be especially useful when you are new to a state, or if you are a newly licensed driver.

Beyond the state Regulations

Beyond the state regulations, you will also find a wealth of opportunities to learn more about auto insurance as we continue to expand the information within our Car Insurance Center. Everybody looks for the best deal on car insurance rates, so we also offer you information and the ability to get car insurance quotes from some of the most-respected insurance companies around.

Commercial Auto Insurance Requirements

No matter if you’re a commercial driver or a business owner that employs CDL holders, you must be aware of the state and federal requirements that apply to truck drivers.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Whether you’re a commercial driver or a business owner who uses commercial vehicles, you need to know about commercial auto insurance.

Use the information in this section to educate yourself about possible federal government and state insurance requirements. Learn about the types of commercial insurance available. See what kinds of insurance filings apply to your situation. And, discover how to obtain cost-effective insurance protection.

Commercial Auto Insurance Quotes

If you own or use vehicles for business purposes, a strong commercial auto insurance policy is a must. In order to protect yourself and your business, you need to make an educated decision about your policy; never purchase one blindly. In order to get the best policy at the best price, you must do some comparison-shopping. The best way to do this is by getting multiple commercial auto insurance quotes.

Where to Get Quotes

The good news for shoppers is commercial auto insurance quotes are readily available. One way to get quotes is by directly contacting commercial auto insurance agents. You can do this by either calling or visiting them at their offices. Many car insurance companies offer online quotes to help make your shopping easier.

Speak to us. We would be delighted to have one of our experts explain the benefits of utilizing our services. We want to make your life simpler. That’s why we’ve dedicated to helping you.

What You Will Need

In order to get a quote from a commercial insurance provider, you will be asked for several pieces of information. Such information includes:

  • Company name.
  • Company owner’s name.

Information of vehicles you want on the policy including:

  • VIN.
  • Make.
  • Model.
  • Year.

Information of drivers you want on the policy including:

  • Name.
  • Driver’s license number.
  • Length of time your company has been in business.
  • Current commercial auto insurance status.
  • Current worker’s compensation insurance status.

If you do not have all this information, you may still be able to get a commercial auto insurance quote. However, your chances of getting an accurate quote increase as you give more information.

Commercial Auto Insurance Articles

Our database of commercial auto insurance articles provides business owners and CDL holders with everything they need to know about when to purchase commercial coverage, the kinds of commercial vehicles and trailers to insure, and how to get the most out of their commercial auto insurance policies.
Whether you’re responsible for a couple of commercial trucks or an entire fleet of business vehicles, take a moment to learn about shopping for and comparing commercial insurance quotes―including the kinds of information and documents required to obtain quotes―as well as tips for saving money on your commercial insurance premiums while still getting the right coverage for your drivers and vehicles.

Commercial Insurance By Vehicle Type

Find commercial auto insurance details for pickup trucks, vans, box trucks, dump trucks and tow trucks.

Safeguarding your financial security is only one of the reasons it makes sense to purchase car insurance. And the more you know about auto insurance, the smarter the choices you’ll make when it comes time to renew or buy that new policy. Spend a little time learning about car insurance; while you may never need to file a claim, if you do, you’ll be very glad you did.