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Neruxx Driving School

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 Neruxx Driving School is privately owned and operated in Lagos. We provide safe driving practices for all Mainland and Island Area.

At Neruxx Driving School we understand that learning to drive or teaching your teen can be a stressful time, which is why we are here to help! We specialize in training nervous new drivers and offer a course to fit you or your child’s needs. We have Patient, Courteous, male and female instructors available 7 days a week to meet your schedule. Call us today to schedule your classes and training sessions with Neruxx Driving School.

Drivers Program

Driver education is a 26-hour course:  18 hours in class and 8 hours behind the wheel. This is the minimum instruction required in the state of Nigeria. However, there may be special schedules during Holidays or inclement weather. The first units teaches all the basic component (parts) of a car and functionality (usage). Other units includes information about general road signs or symbols and their interpretations. Road user’s and general driving skills required in metropolis and high ways. Other units include information about general driving skills, driving on highways.

Behind The Wheel

You have 8 hours behind the wheel with a certified instructor in a driving school vehicle. The 8 hours is divided into 10 appointments following the 18-hour instruction. Each appointment lasts 40 minutes. We cover small roads, highway, parking maneuvers, lane changes, and right and left turns, among other driving skills. This program is a requirement.

Driver’s Improvement Program

Driver Improvement is a two day class for six (6) hours. The 6 hour Driver Improvement course is a class that will satisfy the requirement for individuals who require the class. Classes are scheduled the last Saturday and Sunday of every month on site.

Behind the Wheel Driving Instruction

Our skilled instructors give you behind the wheel practice designed to help drivers who need additional practice above the required 8 hours.

Car, Behind the Wheel

You choose the hours that are convenient with your schedule. We charge per hour, with a 8-hours session minimum.

Road Test

In order to get you provisional driver license you will need to schedule a road test. We offer a road test trip in one of our vehicles. The services includes a 45 minute practice before the test with all the details and tips you need to know in order to pass the road test. After the practice session, we will help you with all the paper work and you will complete the test in our car.


Complete Course:

10 lessons with classroom: N16.000 

Easy pay with 10 lessons N12,000 and last lesson payment of N6,000 

  • Eight hours of driving instruction (including road test) and classroom instruction
  • City driving
  • Expressway driving
  • Preparation for road test during each lesson
  • Additional lessons available for purchase as necessary
  • If we feel you are ready for your road test and you fail it, we will give you a second road test FREE

Intermediate course:

5 lessons with classroom: N10,000

Easy pay plan of N2,000 per lesson

So you’ve been driving for a while but need help on your maneuvers. Let us help you with the following:

  • 4 hours driving instruction (including road test) and classroom instruction
  • City driving
  • Preparation for road test

Road test preparation course: 

Booking Driving Training         Only Car Usage

2 hours                 N4,000                                2 hours  N3,500

4 hours                 N8,000                              4 hour N7,000

6 hours                 N12,000                              6 hours N10,500

8 hours                 N16,000                              8 hours N14,500

10 hours               N20,000                             10 hours N18,000

Key Benefits of the Service

  • Available 7 Days A Week
  • Specialized & Individualized Instruction
  • Free Pick-Up
  • Nervous Beginners, Teens, and Adults
  • We Offer Fair Prices with Payment Plan Options
  • We Use In-Person Platforms
  • We Stay up-to-Date on Driving Rules and Regulations
  • We Focus on Serious Safety Issues and Concerns
  • We Address Confidence and Aggressive Driving
  • We Have Certified Instructors
  • We Award Certificates of Completion

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required before you can take Drivers Education?

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Successful completion of a drivers education course is a requirement for obtaining a drivers license in the state of Nigeria.

You must be at least 15 years old at the time of enrollment.

A learner’s permit is required to do the behind-the-wheel training.

Payment is due in full before classes can be taken.

Do you offer individually tailored plans?

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